GREEN LIFT® - FLUITRONIC® TML® (GLF® TML®) is a non-standard hydraulic lift of loads from 320 kg (4 persons) to 1600 kg (21 persons). The lift is produced up to ISO 9001 standards,Passenger lift GREEN LIFT FLUITRONIC TML meets the requirements of the European Lift Directive 2014/33/EU. The name FLUITRONIC® underlines use of the newest generation drive with a microprocessor control. The lift is equipped with a modern power unit with a proportional valve block NGV that meets the newest amendment A3 to the standard PN-EN 81-2. It ensures very high travel comfort and the stop accuracy of ± 3 mm on the door’s sill.

TML® can be equipped with a power unit in a machinery cabinet standing near the shaft (e.g. in the cellar) or in the machine-room-less version MRL-T with a power unit in the shaft. The name TML® means the "Tailor Made Lift" a lift that is designed individually for a non-standard shaft according to the architect’s project – then apart from a non-typical cabin, there can be used unique solutions regarding the drive or functionality.

Panoramic lifts TML

Panoramic lifts represent a version of the TML® lifts. The main component is a glazed car that is designed in agreement with an architect and frequently with an investor. The panoramic lift can be mounted in a glass shaft or in a space only partly composed of walls with glass doors what can be frequently observed in shopping galleries.


Lifts adapted for disabled persons.
The lifts with one entrance or 2 (aligned 180o) to meet the accessibility requirements for disabled persons should have cars of the following dimensions: width x depth = 1,1 x 1,4 m and the width door of 0,9 m (Polish Construction Code).
The cars of 90o angular entrances (the doors on two adjacent walls) should have minimum dimensions of 1,4 x 1,4 m (load of 900 kg) and each door of 0,9 m width to meet the Polish Construction Code.

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