Respecting design, the hydraulic lifts are equipped with:

  • direct drive (1:1) - piston directly acts on the carframe and a plunger stroke equals the cabin’s travel.
  • indirect drive (1:2) - piston drives the carframe through the pulleys and ropes, so a cabin’s travel doubles a plunger stroke.

The direct drive is used in lifts with lower travel and higher capacity.
If the lift does not have a separate machinery room, the power unit and the controller can be placed in a machinery cabinet (GREEN LIFT® - FLUITRONIC® MRL-MC) or directly in the shaft’s pit (GREEN LIFT® - FLUITRONIC® MRL-T). The power unit includes a working fluid in which the motor and coupled to it pump are immersed.
The principle of the hydraulic lift operation is simple. Cabin is driven up by the piston working under pressure of fluid pumped. Downward movement is possible due to the gravity forces, with no power consumption of the motor and the fluid returns back to the power unit container. The precise movement of the cabin in both directions is electronically controlled by the valve block. The shafts of hydraulic lifts do not require the dilatation and are of a very compact size in relation to cabins and have light walls construction for the forces concentrate mainly on the bottom of the shaft. This allows the architects to optimize the building’s space and increase usable / residential surface of the building. Placing power unit out of the shaft causes the extremely low noise emission and therefore the hydraulic lifts are especially recommended in residential buildings. In addition, hydraulic lifts are known for their longevity (20 and more years), because they have a simple construction and a small number of parts - including moving parts. Therefore the operating costs is exceptionally low.


The lifts adapted for disabled persons, are the lifts of 630 kg load.

Passenger lift GREEN LIFT

Operation cycle of GREEN LIFT .pdf
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